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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Long Hiatus

Hello to all JAE's readers! After several months of pursuing some personal endeavors, and with a clearer mind, I will finally be posting the steps to completing a novel. This will be in tandem to my own desire to publish a non-fiction work about my life these past 8 1/2 years with my dog Red.

Red has been there through life's good times and bad times. He has assisted me with learning how to survive loss. Loss. Loss. The beauty is that he has also assisted me with enjoying the gains. Gains. Gains.

There are many steps needed to initiate a novel beginning with the theme of your story. Then the outline, the table of contents, the chapters, the conclusion, etc. I have been considering writing for the past decade. It took a friend to lend me a car and $19 to apply for my D/B/A at the county deeds office. Then, he gave much needed support for me to take classes, go to the library and do research. That is how I became a freelance writer.

Now, JAE has been in business for over 1 year. I have enjoyed the privilege of writing for this blog in addition to 3 others. A personal highlight, I have been an ongoing contributing freelance writer for The Gazette in North Wilkesboro, NC. Finally, I am ready to join my father and my uncle as a published author.

If you have been considering to add your own name (or pen name) to the plethora of authors out there, then why not begin today? A novel begins with a story plot. We will stop right here at this initial step.

Why not jot down on a notepad, on your laptop, or desk computer, a few story line ideas? There is a wide range of topics to choose. I spent some time this past week at Barnes and Noble, both in Hickory, NC and in Poughkeepsie, NY. I walked through the aisles to peruse titles, subjects, authors, jacket sleeves, and book designs.

I had decided on a non-fiction plot several years ago. It is very exhilarating to now anticipate my ideas and thoughts will finally be put into a published book! In our cyberspace world today, my book can be either an e-book style or in print. For my initial book, I will be writing at This way I can edit as I go and save to a document. I like the feeling of writing where many other e-authors are expending their energies. There is a contagious feeling that helps to inspire me to keep the momentum going.

I need the momentum as so many daily events divide my attention. There are many days as proven by the long absence from this blog, that I have been distracted from posting to my 3 blogs. With summer well along now, I have resolved to complete my basic e-book by mid-September. This will give me a couple of months to write, write and then, write some more.

Why not join my endeavor by writing your own novel in the next couple of months. Or, if you have not been gathering data as I have been, why not at least put a dent in the process? Even a few minutes a day, can go a long way to completing several chapters in a couple of months.

For me, I am going to use this time to reconsider my book's title. Until my next post.....

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