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Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year With New Opportunities

Here we are with a new year with new opportunities.  Why do we not all take a moment or two.  Okay, okay.  Let's take an hour or two to reflect on our accomplishments this past year. 

As for me as Jeanne Armonk, this has been a very rewarding year with my columns for The Wilkes Gazette.  My columns which are three per issue, cover a broad section of interest for those in Wilkes County and surrounding areas.

Jeanne's Travels which is written in conjunction with my dog Red, highlights many travel locations in the area.  These locations often are pet-friendly.  That is to say, places where the family pet may accompany its family.  Here in Wilkes County, we have a wonderful dog park named Hidden Oaks Dog Park.  This park provides year round fun and socializing for residents and canines to hang out together. 

The park is well-kept and provides ample room for dogs of all shapes and sizes.  Red and I stay either on the outside or in the over 25 lbs side.  We like to amble along a dirt path which follows Cub Creek.  We can cross a bridge and go over to a walking path through the wooded areas.  There are both benches and picnic tables for those wanting to spend some time there.

I also write Living on a Budget.  I have endeavored to cover many diverse topics where the community may find bargains and stretch their dollars.  From the library to the thrift shops to restaurants to department stores and home improvement stores, many bargains can be found.  If free items or samples or classes are offered, then I write about the ones I learn about for the column.  Bargains change continually.

On the subject of restaurants, I also write the Weekly Restaurant Review.  No I am not a bona fide critic, however, for nearly 50 years I have been eating out in restaurants from Cape Cod in Massachusetts to the San Francisco Bay down to Hollywood and many places in between.  I grew up just outside Manhattan and I had the privilege to eat in the city many times.  Now, I go to affordable places and critic for average folk looking for a good meal at a good value.

My editor has been very generous as to my freedom in choosing weekly topics, attractions and restaurants.  This opportunity has afforded me a flexible schedule as well as the chance to hone my writing skills.  I believe there is always room for improvements.  For the new year of 2011, I plan to finish that novel of mine.  Also, I plan to pay more attention to health and fitness.  I believe this new year will afford more opportunity for even greater accomplishments.  I plan to spend time on Saturday the 1st both reflecting on this past year's accomplishments and planning for new ones in 2011.  Let us all see what we can get accomplished this new year of opportunities.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Balkasar open for bears: Pakistan’s new WSPA-funded bear sanctuary

I wish to share this post from the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) website. I wish that many more people will fund the WSPA's efforts to assist animals around the world. In particular, the assisting and rescuing of the remaining 60-70 tortured bears being illegally used for bear baiting in Pakistan. The WSPA has opened a new sanctuary for rescued bears to live out the remainder of their lives in peace and security. Please read the following:

Balkasar open for bears: Pakistan’s new WSPA-funded bear sanctuary

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