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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Summer's End

Here we have arrived at another summer's end.  Where do all those warm blissful days disappear to?  I hope that all of my readers have enjoyed a wonderful summer season.

I found my summer was spent mostly on increasing the inventory for my Etsy online shop, Wilkes Vintage Finds.  The summer showed a spurt of increased sales activity. 

This activity was pinnacled by a Summer Clearance Sale offering 50% off selected items.  I chose items within a wide range of items within my shop.

I have found many conveniences by listing my shop with  Etsy has made things very simple and clear to assist online shop keepers with making sales.

One category, in particular, that I have found most helpful has been the photo section included when a new item is listed for sale.  I have not been very adept with the use of digital photography.  However, I have found what a small wonder my Samsung Camera Phone can be in assisting with photos for my listings.

Etsy has many wonderful tips and help features built in to its website.  I have found ease of editing and updating photos for many items that have been of interest to a particular customer's inquiry.  I doubt I would have made as many sales to date without the technical assistance of Etsy and my Samsung Camera Phone.

To date, I have had 48 sales that included 3 refunds.  I have been happy with my shop's progress through the months.  October 9th will be my 1st anniversary of Wilkes Vintage Finds.  Yes, I will definitely be holding an anniversary sale in a few weeks.

I encourage my readers that may be looking to supplement their income through either the sale of homemade crafts or vintage items to go to and take a look at the possibilities.

Until my next post....

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