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Friday, July 3, 2015

Finishing Touches

As the finishing touches are being applied to the layout of JAE's new publication, Wilkes County Gazette Shopper - End of  Summer Savings issue, I reflect on the many steps that have been in process from drawing board to printed publication.

Originally, I had conceived the idea to be centered around my Pet News Reporters, Burnie and Katey Rose.  Both young at the time, and my having noticed the many print and television ads that depict dogs somewhere within the content, I decided that my 2 shepherd mixed dogs would be both photogenic and inviting.

I have subsequently learned that neither of my pets are as photogenic as my dog Red.  Red was perfect as far as photographic canines can be posed for many diverse back drops.  Some of Red's work is shown within JAE's website, some on my shops, and some within the Wilkes County Gazette's website.

Realizing that Burnie and Katey Rose would rather be out exploring than posing for pictures, I went back to the drawing board.  I decided to let my dogs host the Pet News feature on the WCG website.

Returning to design ideas for the new shopper supplement, I decided to feature the 4 seasons.  The first issue is the End of Summer shopper.  This actually assisted me with my layout choices within the two-sided flyer.  I hope that this flyer will be well received within Wilkes County, NC.  It will be even better if an upsurge in retail business results from the couple of thousand brochures that will be distributed within the area.

Money can be saved by the wise use of coupons.  Many thanks go to the entrepreneurs, small business advisors and local residents for their comments and questions that have given me much insight into the direction the shopper needs to proceed for maximum benefit to all: customer, business owner, and the Wilkes County Gazette itself.

Until Next Time,

Valerie Jeanne

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New WCG Shopper Available Soon

After nearly 2 years since its first conception, the Wilkes County Gazette Shopper will be available in a print version soon.  This idea for a print supplement to JAE's digital media news site, Wilkes County Gazette, has been received with mixed reviews.

I have appreciated all the comments and questions regarding this new venture for JAE.  I have used coupons since the early 1990s.  I have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the past 2 decades by shopping with coupons.

I have used a series of coupon envelope files.  I have perused many store circulars for weekly specials.  I have researched specials and coupons as a joint venture for maximum savings for Living On A Budget.  This WCG column shows readers where savings can be found from A to Z.

All this research has culminated in a brand new publication to be distributed in the Wilkes County, NC area next month.  Designed to assist both shopper and merchant, there is an effort to encourage shopping within Wilkes County and Shop Local.  This is the perfect environment for a shopper supplement that will offer coupons to be clipped and brought to merchants to avail of various specials.

Please click on this link for more about the Wilkes County Gazette Shopper

Until next time,

Valerie Jeanne

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