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Burnie is featured in Pet News in the Wilkes County Gazette

Burnie taking a walk on a friend's farm in Wilkes County, NC.

Burnie caught my eye on a website entitled, Go Wilkes!  There he was in the classified section for dogs and puppies as I scrolled down the many listings for pets needing new homes.  He was pictured in a dog lot and he was standing on his hind legs saying, " I am very cute.  Please give me a chance."  Well, that did it.  A pretty dog needing a chance, I could not resist answering his plea for adoption.

The ad listing mentioned that he would go to the pound if not adopted.  He had a penchant for chasing chickens, in particular, his neighbors' chickens.  I did not own any chickens so I felt I would be a good candidate to give this dog a chance.  

He was just a year old and he was named Burnie.  Many people give dogs new names, however, I usually let a dog keep its name.  After all, they are losing their former family when they are adopted, do they really need to lose their name, too?

Burnie was 36 pounds last year.  Now, he weighs 48 pounds and the bones on his back are not showing.  I have never seen him show an interest in a chicken, and my parents have a chicken coop. 

Much of this great sadness is due to puppies being born without homes to go to when they are weaned.  I am happy to see that wonderful mixed breed dogs are getting greater attention and assistance in finding new homes.  

Burnie also has a trace of Shiba Inu in him which gives him his coloring, curly tail, and smaller size.  He is very intelligent and gets along with other dogs and cats famously.

Two men brought Burnie to my home.  One of the men told me Burnie had been the largest pup in his litter, however, after a year's time all the pups had reached a similar size.  

In form true of all of my pets since I was ten years old, Burnie, too, was neutered.  I believe in the spay / neuter programs.  The statistics in the US each year that show how many pets are euthanized are quite appalling.  

All three of my canine ambassadors have been mixed breeds.  I have also owned purebred Norwegian Elkhounds, German Shepherds, a Rottweiler, a Dachshund and a Miniature Schnauzer. 

As for Burnie's breeding, he is a Labrador Retriever X German Shepherd X Golden Retriever.  These 3 breeds are the number one, two and three ranked breeds this year with the AKC.  

He and Katey Rose are fast friends and adopted brother and sister.  She is an alpha dog and he is easy-going and so they work well together.  They will both start to look and whine if the other one is gone for too long in any direction.  

Burnie will be 3 this year and Katey Rose turns 2 in February.  So, they have youth and energy on their side.  We have not done much traveling together yet, but will be making a trip to New York soon to see relatives, both human and canine.

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