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Katey Rose's Photo Gallery

This photo of  Katey Rose was taken on the day I brought her home.  She was 9 weeks old and adorable.  2013.  Photo taken by Valerie Jeanne Hynson.
Tiger and Katey Rose in the grass. 2013.  Photo taken by Valerie Jeanne Hynson.
Katey Rose in featured in the Pet News feature of the Wilkes County Gazette media website.


These photos of Katey Rose show her progression from puppyhood to adulthood.  She was very shy when I first brought her home at 9 weeks old.  Her first animal friend was Tiger the barn cat. 

Katey Rose has both grown and matured over the past year and a half.  Now she weighs 43 pounds and all her markings have set on her quite beautifully.

Katey Rose is an Australian Shepherd x Jack Russell Terrier.  Her mom is a black and tan Aussie Shep rescue that was adopted by a family.  The family thought she had been spayed prior to her adoption.  They were quite surprised to find her pregnant.  

The family was proactive for getting homes for the nine little puppies when they arrived.  Katey Rose was the only puppy who had shorter hair and favored her terrier dad.  She was a rust color and reminded me of my Red dog, so she was the one I wanted to adopt.  

When I called the family to ask about the "red" puppy, they told me the red puppy was spoken for.  I then learned the red puppy was a light red.  They considered my choice to be rust and she was still available.  I said, " Perfect, the rust puppy is the one I want to adopt."

This responsible family wanted to keep the pups for 9 weeks to spend the most time with the mother dog.  They were taken to the vet for a checkup and shots.

When I met them to pick up Katey Rose with my friend, the family had 4 of the puppies in their truck.  I thought that Katey Rose's 3 siblings all looked like collies and had long hair.  Katey Rose had lightened up to a beige color.  I could see she had her mother's black shepherd mask, white chest and feet, and a black tail. 

Katey Rose is very intelligent and she has abundant energy.  She does ricochet through the house like a bullet multiple times.  She knows all dog commands, yet does not think that she needs to adhere to any of them.  She can not be trusted off leash.  

She loves to dig in the dirt.  She has caught a mouse climbing up a drape in the living room where we used to live.  She cornered a five line skink lizard that I found hiding in the den behind the tv.  These lizards have shiny blue tails that will detach from the animal if cornered by a predator.  In this case, Katey Rose was the predator and I found the blue tail moving in the living room.  With 2 dogs behind me, I captured the little creature and took him myself to a nearby field and let it go.  I understand these lizards can grow back a new tail.  

Katey Rose has caught umpteen insects.  She does look at my parents' chickens, ducks, cats, small dogs and rabbits with that murderous glee I read about on a Jack Russell Terrier website.  

I do think most of her senses, except the thrill of the chase, do shut down on her.  She will start to shake just looking at the rabbits in their hutch.  I am working on this with her.  It will be a time consuming process as the Jack Russell Terrier was bred from the Fox Terrier.  These dogs were bred to run with the hounds and horses for all day hunts.

One evening, Katey Rose got off her dog line.  It was 8 cold hours later that she came running to me as if to say, "That was fun. I am ready to go to bed now."  She was only about 50 feet from our door, but the pull of those rabbits kept her running out of my reach and staying out in the cold.  

Needless to say, I could not go to bed until she came in.  Did I mention that a car broke down that night in front of the house?  There were 4 cars, 2 pickup trucks and a sheriff deputy were all out on the road.  Katey Rose did leave the rabbits to run back and forth to see what all the fuss was about.  Thankfully, she did not leave the yard and neither did I.  

In this part of North Carolina, there is what is called city limits, and then, the county.  In the county usually means a no leash law for dogs, so you will see photos of my dogs without leashes in some instances.

I have owned dogs for over 40 years.  I have never met a challenge quite like Katey Rose.  My parents also have goats and miniature horses.  You guessed it, the Aussie side of my dog makes her want to herd and nip at the heels of these larger pets.  I do not permit her to be with the horses and goats.  

We both have our work cut out for us in order for Katey Rose to be a well behaved canine ambassador.  She is very smart.  She can throw her own toys and catch them.  She has taken to tossing them to me after I toss them to her.  She will watch me closely.  If I sleep with my arm falling out of the bed, her arm is out of the bed, too.  

I read that I have to keep her mind occupied with constructive tasks.  So, I give her plastic bottles to take the wrapper off for recycling.  My dog Burnie can also get the plastic ring off the neck of the bottles.  Both dogs shred paper and cardboard. 

Burnie is more of a couch potato dog.  Katey Rose is more a fun and games dog.  Both of these dogs will look for me in a full size mirror on the bedroom door.  Most dogs do not recognize themselves and think the reflection is someone else.  My dogs look and peer into the mirror to see if they can find me in there.  I will wave to them and they wag their tails.  

I will enjoy learning what these 2 dogs will think up and be able to achieve in the months and years ahead.  They are great company for me and make me smile much more than not.  They bonded on the day they met and are never far from each other.  I wasn't looking to adopt 2 dogs after Red passed away.  Circumstances just worked out that way.  I can see, however, that these two dogs were meant for each other.

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