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Red's Photo Gallery

Red at the Northwestern North Carolina Visitor Center
Red at the W. Kerr Scott Reservoir, Wilkes County, NC
Red at Blood Creek Overlook, Wilkes County, NC

                                           Red at Hidden Oaks Dog Park, Wilkesboro, NC

Red was a truly remarkable dog.  He found his way into my heart back in February of 2002.  He was without a home or a family.  Despite some efforts to locate his original owner, no one stepped forward to claim this dog. 

As a Chow Chow/Rottweiler cross, his hopes of being adopted were not very optimistic.  I  spoke up at the local town dog pound to adopt him. I had put both food and water out daily for this stray dog.  For 3 weeks, the large dog would come by nightly to eat and drink and then he disappeared into the city streets outside of  Hartford, CT. 

I was successful in my bid to adopt the half-grown pup and named him Red.  He could have been a poster dog for spaying and neutering programs. I am convinced that Red's affable nature, despite his breeding, was due to his being neutered.  It sure won him many friends.   

Red passed away in 2013 at the age of 12.  He had lived in 3 states: Connecticut, New York, and North Carolina.  He was well known in Wilkes County, NC where he lived for several years.  He was welcomed at antique shops, auctions, stockyards, tourist attractions, and by many private individuals that came to know him. 

Whether in a Petco store in Danbury, CT or a Days Inn in Maryland, or at a general store along the Blue Ridge Parkway, Red was always receiving visitors and meeting new people.  They would make their way to him and ask me if they could have their picture taken with him?  I do not know how many extended families to which Red became a member during our travels???

One day on a furniture buying trip in Wilkes County, my dad waited in the car with Red at one shop.  When I came out, my dad said some people came over to the car.  I asked my dad what they wanted and he had said that they wanted to see the dog.  He couldn't believe it.  I guess it is not every day that you see an orange dog resembling a bear who is whining and wagging his tail.  Red was very friendly and just wanted to be petted. At his peak, Red weighed in on a friend's cattle scale at 135 pounds.  My friend said his scale was accurate give or take ten pounds.

Again, Red was always wagging his tail and wanting his ears scratched.  Ever alert, he could sense someone's presence well before they arrived at the door.  He was good with children, adults, cats, and most dogs. 

At a Beacon Barks event in Beacon, NY back in 2008, Red and I attended the festivities.  I thought we could walk in the pet parade along with many other people and dogs who were in town that day.  That thought was short-lived as Red soon noticed a woman walking a greyhound, and for some reason unbeknownst to me, I was soon lifted into the air and landed on the sidewalk.  I was not really hurt past my dignity.  I also did not let go of the leash.  The nice woman wanted to come over and assist me.  I had to stop her as it was her dog to which Red had taken a dislike.  This was rare for him, and needless to say, ended my hopes of our walking in the parade that day.

On another trip to Dutchess County, NY in 2010, I took Red to the local East Fishkill Town Park in Hopewell Junction.  Red and I walked the nature trail all the way around to the fountain in the pond.  As we were resting there for a few minutes, a man asked me if my dog's name was Red?  I said yes, and instantly recognized the man as our former neighbor when we spent several months there in 2007.  I thought to myself, have I really changed so much that my dog is more recognizable than I am?  It was a wake up call to me that while each year I am getting older, I do not have to look older and let myself go...Red, on the other hand,  always remained remarkably handsome.

As a well-seasoned car traveler, Red knew places from the mountains to the cities to the sea.  He went in tunnels, traveled on ferry boats, crossed bridges, and nearly took a ride on an airplane.  I would have taken him on the Amtrak train from New York City to Charlotte, NC in 2010, however, pet dogs are not allowed on the train service.

In 2009, I decided to write a pet-friendly column for The Wilkes Gazette entitled Jeanne's Travels.  Many pet-friendly places to which Red and I traveled together were highlighted in that column.  The column was customarily signed as Jeanne Armonk and Red.  Some of Red's photos here in his gallery depict these pet-friendly places such as the 4 photos above.

I also have several of Red's photographs for sale in my Etsy Shop, ValJeanne Photography.  Please visit my shops on is an e-commerce website that showcases over 800,000 shops worldwide.  These shops sell vintage, handmade and supplies. is based in Brooklyn, NY.


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